Our objective at AmberNames is to connect Dot Com domains with relevant businesses, in order to maximize their reach in the new age digital economy.

Top Reasons to upgrade your business domain to Dot Com:

  1. It prevents traffic/customer loss as typos often lead to Dot Com instead of any other extension.
  2. Dot Com sounds more trustworthy as it is exceptionally popular.
  3. Dot Com is easy to remember.
  4. Makes your website seem more authoritative.
  5. Dot Com acquisition would prevent any present or future competitor from using it against your business.
  6. Exceptionally Good for marketing & branding purposes – Whether Online or Offline (Business Cards, Brochures, Print Advertising etc)

& many moreā€¦.

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We’ll make sure you feel confident and educated at every step of your domain buying journey. So feel free to contact us regarding any queries that you may have.